Today is Trans Day of Visibility (31/03/2021) so I’d like to introduce myself. I am Leo. I identify as non-binary / trans masculine* and use they them pronouns. Hopefully you’ve read that sentence and thought something like ‘good for you, that’s cool with me’ etc etc. But it’s taken me most of my life so far to be able to find the courage, confidence and the words to say that and I’m still working on myself to have the courage and resilience to live it authentically every day. It’s hugely liberating and exciting for me to be able to begin to live my life without hiding who I am and I’m one of the lucky ones to have so many supportive people in my life, including my wonderfully patient and understanding fiancée and my amazing accepting kids.
I’m not making myself visible in the hope I’ll be accepted by the cisgender world, I do it in the hope that it will help someone like my younger self see themselves and know they can embrace the person they know they are.
For way too many trans people life is an uphill struggle, and for some just too much to even keep on living. Yes, we’re making progress thanks to the work of some amazing activists, but there’s still so far to go. We need cisgender people to take the time to listen and learn because without that allyship the uphill struggle will never be anything else.
Here’s a just a few of some wonderful humans doing their thing. There’s so many of us out there… just take the time to look.

*This aspect of myself is something I've only been expressing publicly recently and so I try not to cling on too much to the 'labels' and remain fluid and open as I allow myself to explore how I feel. I think we should all have the freedom to change as we see fit but for me, currently, using these different labels is very helpful in making sense of my sense of self.
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